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Driver Packaging Utility
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Driver Packaging Utility

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Creates installation packages for printer drivers.

Product Outline

Driver Packaging Utility allows administrators to create installation packages for changing settings when installing printer drivers. Installation packages can be easily installed by general users.

Driver Packaging Utility Outline

Use Advantage

  • For administrators :  Makes MFP user management easy as passwords and account names can be set for each general user that executes the package.
  • For general users :  MFPs and printers can be used without making troublesome settings as drivers can be installed with print settings and port information already configured

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Main Functions

Create Printer Additional Package

This function creates the package for adding an MFP or printer. The MFP registered in the package must be installed beforehand, and the registered MFP must be connected to TCP/IP or an Internet port.

Driver Update Package Create

This function creates packages for updating a printer driver. The MFP registered in the package must be installed beforehand.

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Driver Remove Package Create

This function creates the package for deleting a printer driver.

Package Start

This function for general users executes the package for MFP or printer installation created by administrator.

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