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Direct Print
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Direct Print

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Sends PDF/TIFF/TEXT/JPEG files directly to a device for printing.

Product Outline

With Direct Print, you can print files such as PDF, TIFF, TEXT and JPEG files directly just by dragging & dropping the file onto the Direct Print icon or a Hot Folder on the desktop without having to open apps like Acrobat Reader or configuring print settings on the driver.
*1: PDF/TIFF/TEXT/JPEG/docx etc. Supported document type varies among models.

How to Use / Use Cases

You can register the print setting formats to a specified folder (Hot Folder) of a specified output device for quick and easy Drag & Drop printing.

Direct Print Outline

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Main Functions

File Sending
  • Drag & Drop a file to the icon
  • Right-click to specify from the "Send To" menu
  • Drag & Drop file to the main screen
  • Send by specifying a file from the main screen
  • Copy file to Hot Folder

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Printing Device Registration
  • Register / edit / delete printing devices
  • Automatic discovery of printing devices
  • Manual registration of printing devices
  • Automatic option settings of printing devices
Hot Folder Registration
  • Add / delete Hot Folder
  • Registration of the printing device and print job settings to Hot Folder
Print Setting Registration
  • Register / edit / delete print job settings
  • Set / edit print jobs (output paper, paper tray, stapling, hole punching, output method, number of sets, output tray, collate, offset, front cover, back cover, PI cover, combination, fold, etc.)
  • Create an icon for print job setting on the desktop (printing can be executed by file Drag & Drop)

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